Benefit of Cold Process Soap

by Peeranoot Lohwongwat | December 21, 2014 | 1 Comment

It Will Not Irritate You Allergies

One of the initial benefits of cold process soap is that it will not irritate your allergies.  Without all the extra fragrances and chemicals that are found in your beauty bars and detergent-like soaps, you are less likely to have any type of allergic reactions.  Some commercially produced soap, like some antibacterial soaps, contain Triclosan which is known to cause cancer.  Ingredients like this will not be found in the cold processed soap.  The all-natural ingredients work to get you squeaky clean while being kind to your skin.


Glycerin Included

With most commercial produced beauty bars and soaps the glycerin is removed during the soap making process.  The glycerin is considered very valuable and profitable for the companies to remove and sell to be used in other products like lotions and body butters.  When making cold process soap, the glycerin is not removed.  The result of this is super rich lathers and luxurious feeling suds.


Natural Skin Softener

Glycerin is considered valuable and profitable because it is a natural skin softener.  Because the glycerin is being left in the soap, you will end up with silkier, softer skin.  Who doesn’t want softer skin?  The glycerin works by absorbing water from the air or the surface of your skin into your skin. This process means that you are bypassing all the additional fragrances and chemicals you would otherwise be exposed to.


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